Small Group Introduction

Rensselaer Center for Open Source

About this presentation

Why we do small groups

  • Better Mentorship
  • Flexibility for different project needs
  • Freedom!

Small group requirements

  • Attendance (via
  • Presentations (2+)
  • Mentor requirements!

Your experience may vary

  • Different mentors = different small groups
  • Different projects = different results

Changing Projects

  • Changing projects is okay and often encouraged
  • Your mentor or a coordinator can help you find a new project
  • Tons of OS companies want RCOS's help

Changing Mentors

  • Changing mentors is okay
  • Contact a coordinator @seve, @kiana, @aaron
  • Contact an advisor @mskmoorthy @turnew2


Goals for RCOS 2016

Get more contributions to external projects (projects created outside RCOS)

Increase rate of success of RCOS projects (but it's still okay to fail!)

Increase longevity of RCOS projects (pass it on!)


Small Group Form

Agenda for Today

  • Make sure you're on Slack and subscribed to general.
  • If you know your project, fill out the small group form.

Next Time (Tuesday)

  • Go to your assigned small group (check Slack on Monday!)
  • If you don't know your small group, come to DCC 318.